I'm Nicole and I live in Toronto.


Anonymous asked: what if the guy knows what he is doing as well then what

then we could get our freak on together forever 

Anonymous asked: If I had the chance to hook up with you I would probably shit bricks because I will probably get attached to you afterwards. You seem like the type to know what you're doing and you know how to drive a guy insane.

this is the greatest ask i have ever recieved

you should be scared

i want a hitachi wand :-(

i want to eat popsicles, masturbate, and sleep

that’s literally all i want to do

if i knew you were going to leave so soon i wouldn’t have bothered to know you


i need a girlfriend to go lingerie shopping with so we can makeout in the changing rooms in expensive panties


it’s so shitty when you have a connection with someone but you guys can’t be together